August 23, 2011

Hey there!!!!!!!!
Just a quick update.  Im in New York already, enjoying the (hopefully not) last days of summer. I love the weather right now since its warm but not suffocating. I have done so many things during these past days that I havent got the time to take any pictures at all. Got a couple of shelves to put some clothes, unpacked, spent time with the family members I have here,  bought some basic stuff I needed, went to a couple of meetings in FIT (orientation week) and just walked around the city with a couple of friends I met. I really like it here… even though it feels I have done nothing compared with what I want to do.. I am having a coffee right now while resting since my body hurts like hell.. never walked so much in three days! Anyways, I will take some pictures during this week and try to post as soon as I get some spare time, I dont know how to capture everything im doing right now. Keep tuned though, Ill make it up to you and post loads of pictures really soon! Im definitely into keeping this blog updated frequently as usual.
A couple of days ago I got an email from a lovely girl named Chloe Vioz with a breathtaking illustration. I cant even describe the amazing talent this girl has. I really recommend seeing her blog here,  she has posted a lot more of her creative skills. Thank you so much girl, this really means a lot to me! 


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