March 9, 2014



A very casual approach to the nineties.

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Photos by Tan Camera
Little sunday treat because I’m exhausted and have so much to do for school right now. This look was inspired by the 90s and actually now it reminds me of Friends or a good old 90s show. I love this top to bits, I got it back in Peru in a “vintage” market where they had clothes in piles and everything actually looked bad but you have to swim and submerge until you find something worth to buy. I can’t believe I found this top, I swear I had the same one when I was a lil kid and it was my favorite because it was my first cropped top ever and I was a sucker for flirty stuff.  I will find a picture and add it here later today.
Un pequeño post hoy por que estoy cansadisima y tengo tanto que hacer para la universidad. Este look fue inspirado por los 90s y ahora que veo las fotos me recuerda especificamente a Friends jaja sobretodo por el peinado. Este top vintage es de un mercadito en Peru de esos con pilas de ropa vieja y fea y hay que sambullirse a buscar. Cuando lo vi casi muero por que tenia exactamente el mismo hace 10 años y era mi favorito! Buscare fotos para mostrarles mas tarde.

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