July 22, 2011

As The Music Dies


Shorts- Dag
Jacket- Vintage

I know, I know.. these are MICRO shorts, if not women panties. And yeah..Im aware, these are a hell lot of pictures!
First, these shorts are my new favourites. When I saw them I laughed because even though I thought they were extremely short, my love for the print and fabric exceeded my concerns on looking a little bit too uncovered. I think the tights did some justice to the moral of the outfit. Of course these shorts will be overworn in the summer for a beach ensemble.
Then, I really couldn’t decide between these pictures so I just  posted em all. I hate making massive posts since the main goal is to show you the outfit, not to give you a huge amount of pictures of me wearing the same stuff. But well this is an exception I guess.
I was wearing a tee from As the Music Dies. If you are in the hunt for some cool tees with a nice shape and material then I totally recommend ATMD. Jason Tam creates the most amazing tees inspired by horror and music. You should see them by yourself. As soon as I got in to the website I wanted all of them. I’m over my own transfers.. I really got sick of them because they don’t last too long and they bored the hell out of me because I am the one who finds the image I transfer.. When I get the image stamped to the tee, I don’t like it anymore. So yeah, ATMD is a way better alternative.
Anyways, I got my student visa, finally! I went to the embassy yesterday and had to wait for four hours.. it was terrible, but well the guy was pretty nice and everything went well. So no more stuff for me to do before leaving, just PACKING.. the worst part since I will have to say goodbye to some stuff.
I wanted to share a link with you that got my attention.. Check out Wildfox Swimwear 2012 shot by Mark Hunter from the Cobrasnake. The girl is so perfect and her poses are really good, not to mention that the the outfits are incredibly well put together. The perfect mix of messy grunge make up and hair with Cali girl and cowgirl elements.

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