May 26, 2010

Bullet Boy

Having some coffee and listening to Massive Attack right now.
The other day I saved about a million of images I really liked.
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This tattoo looks amazing.

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Today was an exhaustive day. I went with my best friend to a market where we ordered some graphic white tees. We left some pictures of Twiggy, vintage photographs and a couple of nice drawings. I cant wait to pick them up! We walked for four hours from store to store trying to find the cheapest ones.
Today I got an extremely good new 🙂 My lovely dog is pregnant. yey! And the best part is that she is having the puppies in the next four days, haha. We thought it would be a possibility because she looks like a little ball, but we have tried so many times that the chances were almost zero. We took her today to the vet and we got the amazing new that she is going to have a couple of babies. Im so happy. She is a b&w Spanish Water Dog. An uncommon breed, but they are lovely. I will show some pictures soon.
This is what I wore a couple of weekends ago. The dress is actually a top but too long to be worn with pants. I really need to get new tights I tend to wear them until they fall apart.

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