June 10, 2014



A good old favorite combo.

IMG_2647 copy
Jumper- Romwe
Shirt- Choies
Leggings- Choies
Sunglasses- Quay

Took advantage of this windy day to wear some leatherette leggings and a shirt with a jumper. I just realized im gonna miss layering on summer as its my favorite thing to do. I definitely plan to add an extra layer when the weather permits. This outfit reminds me of the old days when fashion was a little more fun. No normcore, no tees with weird quotes (“you can’t sit with us”, “dope”, “twerk”, “selfie”, you name it) and no extremely minimalistic pieces. I have to admit I’ve gone there sometimes, but honestly I liked it better when it was about playing with different textures and patterns. Camel, stripes and leather was something I used to combine a lot and I’m definitely going to experiment more with my favorite elements and vintage stuff this summer.
Aproveche este dia un poco frio para usar unas leggings de cuerina, una camisa y un cardigan suelto. Creo que extrañare los looks con capas este verano asi que cada vez que haga un poco de frio aprovechare. Este look me recuerda aquellos tiempos cuando la moda era un toque mas divertida. No estaba de moda el normcore, o los t-shirts con frases extrañas (“you can’t sit with us”, “dope”, “selfie”, etc) y tampoco los outfits completamente minimalistas. Debo admitir que yo tambien he ido por ese camino aveces pero para ser sincera me gustaba mucho mas cuando se trataba de jugar con texturas y prints. El camel, las rayas y cuero es una combinacion que siempre me gusto. Creo que es hora de limpiar mi closet y inspirarme yendo a tiendas de segunda mano de nuevo!

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