December 1, 2011

Children of the damned.


Hello, im back 🙂
First of all, yesterday I got back from an amazing experience I had in Barcelona! I really enjoyed it there, the city was magical and I realized I missed my spanish so much. It was the perfect break for the finals and amount of course works I have to be doing now. But anyways, the mango photo-shoot was fun as hell.. The Mango staff were so lovely to us, and I really enjoyed every single moment we spent on that day! From waking up early and going to the Mango store to select items for creating a complete Mango look for the shoot, to talking with the make up artist about how dry my skin is and what should I do about it haha. I loved having coffee while thinking about what location and where would my pictures be and of course the moment where I had to pose and felt a little nervous by having a different photographer that wasn’t my boyfriend! But everything felt so familiar, they were really kind to us! And well I met other four beautiful bloggers. . Kasia, Alexandra, Camille and Cosette. They were all so original in their own manner, it felt really nice meeting people from around the globe.  The pictures were really fun to make, I tried to put together an outfit that I would totally wear in a regular day. I think I came up with a very classic combination of mine, and I hope you like it! After the pictures were taken, we had a little video interview.. man I look so nervous. please don’t freak out haha!
The contest will be on on December 5th. The voting will be done through hypes I think and the pictures will be up for a week. I really really would love to have your help here! It would mean so much to me winning this contest, the winner receives a
 $10,000 check to the charity of her choice.. I am definitely thinking of aiding my country with this, there are some charities in Peru that need so much help. I actually get chills of knowing I could help them with that amount of money.
I have a couple of pictures I took when I was there, I was lucky to have a friend just a few blocks away from the hotel! he took me to a couple of beautiful places and we had a couple of delicious coffees. So I will post some pictures from Barcelona very soon! If you want me to, I will tel you more about this amazing experience when I share the pictures 🙂
Aaaanyways, outfit above!! I was wearing this  god-i-cant-believe-i actually-found-it vintage tee from a second hand store in Brooklyn. I need to get more of these! they are always so easy to pair. Tights and shorts, pants, or even a maxi skirt and an over-sized jumper..  anything works with vintage graphic tees.
The shoes and tights are from Romwe, and the jacket is vintage. Ive been very into casual outfits lately, its just the amount of things I have to do for school that make me throw comfy stuff on! 
Wow this was a load of writing, hope you actually read something!


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