February 18, 2013

Cracked Silver

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Jacket- Widow

Cracked silver leggings- Black Milk Clothing

Dip Dye Jumper- Missguided

Boots- To Be Announced via Solestruck


 This sweater.. I literally have no words to describe how good it looks with absolutely everything, I mean, it even works with silver cracked leggings. I’ve been pairing it with my black leather pants or a black pair of velvet shorts with tights and an oversized black coat. I still can think of so many more combinations so you might see it often on the blog.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding my hair. I haven’t touch it since I changed it about a month ago, I haven’t bleach it any more, its just that the washes is making the red fade away from the tips, which is why its turning more blonde and less orange  I might keep it like this for a while, I like it this way. Also, it looks kinda long because it was straight and I did a ponytail without holding the bottom part. Its a great tip for those who want long hair, just grab half of the hair, and leave the layer close to the neck untied, it will give the effect that the ponytail is a million times longer.

Also! my boyfriend has been recording random moments lately with our new camera so I might post a little video with a mix of shortclips. I want to do so many videos but I think this is a good way to start, it’s just a random video, like those random posts I do sometimes except everything is in motion 🙂 what do you think?

Also check my shop cause I just a lot of more stuff up for sale!


Este sweater.. como les explico que se ve demasiado bien con todo! incluso con leggings plateadas como estas. Lo he estado usando con mil cosas mas, desde mis pantalones de cuero,  hasta unos shorts de terciopelo con medias y un abrigo, Definitivamente una prenda que se presta para muchos looks, asi que probablemente lo veran bastante en el blog.

He estado recibiendo muchas preguntas acerca de mi pelo. No lo he tocado (pintado ni decolorado) desde que lo cambie hace como un mes. Es solo que las lavadas estan quitando el rojo entonces las puntas que estaban medio naranjas estan mas rubias. Probablemente lo deje asi por un tiempo, me gusta bastante. Tambien se ve super largo en las fotos por que estaba mas lacio y me hice una cola sin coger la parte cerca al cuello. Es un gran tip para quienes quieren que su pelo se vea menos corto, solo recojan la mitad del pelo y dara la ilusion de que es una cola super larga.

Tambien les cuento que mi chico ha estado grabando con la camara de vez en cuando asi que probablemente postee un videito con clips chicos de momentos random. Hace tiempo que quiero hacer videos asi que esto sera una forma de comenzar.. como esos random posts que hago pero todo en movimiento 🙂 que opinan?

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