July 20, 2010

Dancing for your pleasure

Firstly I wanted to thank all of you. I am overwhelmed by the fact that you enjoy reading and following this blog. Also, I wanted to thank all of you taking time to make comments and giving me some feedback 🙂Photobucket

This is what im wearing today. Obviously im much more wrapped up with a huge black cardigan right now. The scarf is from a thrift store here. I got it for 1 dollar. The top was a huge white tee but with the help of my scissors I turned it to a big loose tank top. The necklaces are from forever 21 (chain) and from a little market here in peru (cross). The wooden cross is my favourite. You can get them everywhere here.


I’ve been saving lots of caravan and tent pictures lately, they are hypnotizing. Im in love with them. My dream house would be that one. Living in the woods, peacefully. Love the gypsy vibes they transmit and the amazing fabrics on them.

Ive been listening to two songs during the last 4 hours. I cant get through them. If you like trip hop and alternative rock you need to listen to Reckoner from Radiohead (which its pretty known) and Rush Minute by Massive Attack, one of my favourite bands.
Good afternoon, ladies.

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