May 27, 2010

DIY vintage denim vest out of a huge denim jacket

When I was in Park City I thought I needed to get a denim vest as it is so difficult to find one here in Peru. I wanted the perfect one, a faded blue/sort of ripped denim vest. When I got there and started my search I realized they were too expensive, at least for me. So I decided waiting until I got back to Peru and did it from a simple used big denim jacket.
I had a 3 dollar jacket in the back of my closet, laying there, never been used since I bought it about a year ago. It was too big, bulky and had an awful bright blue tone. So I decided that it would be my next do it yourself project. Its really easy and very productive.
I dont have pictures of the whole process but Ill try to do it with what I have right now. This is what it looked like before. It even looked bluer than this. (taken out of internet)
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First I submerged it in a bucket of bleach for about an hour with a little bit of water. You need to be checking how it turns out constantly. It turned out to be this colour.
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2. Then I cutted out the sleeves. (Obviously it still looked big.)
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3. I stitched both of the sides by the inside, to make it tighter.
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4. I cutted the excess of fabric.
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5.And thit is what I got!

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I love this vest now and I’m using it with EVERYTHING I own. Gives that vintage/trashy or even rocknroll look. If you want you can even add some studs. Its much better than those sold in stores as you can modify it according to your body shape. Those on stores can make you look more square-shaped. I love to wear it with a white graphic tee and a grey hoodie underneath.

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