July 4, 2010

Don’t you worry baby, you won’t feel a thing




blouse and thick wooly cardigan from a thrift store, rings and necklaces from forever21)
(excuse the third picture. I hate when flash makes your face disappear)

Hello there,
I had the most comfortable exam ever. I could use all my class notes during the exam, and it was delicious.
So Im posting again and Im going to post something almost every day. Its holiday time and im so glad school is over.

A few updates:
1. I hate soccer but Ive been watching the world cup. I think Im getting to emotional with the players, I even cried in one of the matches, haha sorry im a pussy.
2. My friend and I have been selling lots of tees these days, its going pretty well 🙂
3. I dyed my hair the reddest I could on thursday. I liked it a lot at first. You can see the pictures up there. Not bad.
4. I was happy with the result until .. the sun came through my windows and I started looking like a red light bulb. Im not joking. The day/night switch makes your hair change like hell.
5. So I called my cousin, cried a little to the phone and obliged him to come with me and get another hair dye. We bought it and I dyed my hair. again
6. The result? I dont know if its black, purple or brown, it looks really dark but I am happy with the result, I really like it a lot. Pictures to come soon.
7. My hands are too cold I dont know how im typing right now. Im so looking forward to summer right now.
8. Took my leather jacket to a tailor and now it looks much more fitted. its not too tight, no worries
9. I need to think of things to do during these holidays, and I would love to hear a couple of ideas from you 🙂
10. I got surprised with all your comments on the previous posts, you’re wonderful

Have an overjoyed sunday (even if its the worst day of the week).

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