September 12, 2011

Dr Martens.

“Some firsts tend to stay with you. Whether it be your first awkward crush, that first fight that you invariably lost, or the first gig you snuck out to. These firsts can be tough, but they tend to stay with you forever, and over time become a part of you. Another thing that might be tough at first but that will be by your side forever is your first pair of DM’s – First and Forever, Dr. Martens’ new campaign, highlights the life long impact these iconic boots will have upon you, their owner.  #FIRSTANDFOREVER”

I really love this campaign so bad and whats stated by the end couldn’t be more true. My first pair of Dr Martens actually found me . I was at Savers a while ago and they were lying in a shelf. My size and cheapest price ever. Just.mine.  At first I couldn’t imagine how much I would wear them, they seemed chunky and tough. I got them and now I cant even imagine myself without my them anymore… Actually, I think Ill invest in another pair anytime soon!

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