April 25, 2018

East Village.

Photo Apr 25, 2 33 23 AM2
Photo Apr 25, 12 52 40 AM
Photo Apr 25, 9 22 12 AM2
Photo Apr 25, 9 08 17 AM
Shirt – JW Anderson x Uniqlo
Pants – Similar here
Shoes – Altercore

I know I know, these look like taken out of a day in the middle of fall.. technically the reason is we shot this on a spring afternoon at around 6 pm and it was already gloomy. I have been moving these past few days from Brooklyn to a new apartment in the East Village so its been crazy busy, but I am so so excited to be sharing the new apartment, shooting in different places around the hood and actually in the city! When I lived in Brooklyn it was not very practical to go to Manhattan to shoot because sometimes I didn’t have anyone to come with me, but now I will be right here so it should be easier. Anyways, this look is pretty much very simple and easy, I love high waist pants so I wore this blouse all tied up so I could wear something high waisted in the bottom. Trying to figure out the aesthetic, I would say it is a high school teacher look in fall with a little Harry Potter vibe (I swear it was not intentional lol). The blouse is from the new JW Anderson x Uniqlo collection that is to die for! I love JW Anderson and knowing there is a collection that is more budget friendly definitely caught my attention!
Anyways, hope you guys have a lovely day!!


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