August 16, 2011

Five Man Army

Dungaree- Secondhand
Bag- Secondhand
Top- Old, feels like pantyhose
Socks – Romwe

God, I cant believe im posting! I might be lacking of posts this  week, I guess you all know why..But dont worry cause as soon as I get to NY  I will try to post frequently again.  I am almost packed. Actually, my whole room looks exactly the same as always, still have to pack books, accessories, cosmetics, some shoes and a couple of plush toys.. ha.  Its crazy how fast time goes by and knowing that in three days I will be over there doing so many things is driving me nuts, in a good but scary way. 
Ive been wearing this kind of outfits lately. Plain comfort is what I need right now. This is the dungaree I told you about some posts ago. I am overly obsessed. It was actually longer (the shorts were almost on my knees) but I cut it and rolled it up. Cant believe I got it for three soles, which is like $1.10 Love that absolute second hand feel and not like one that was manufactured lately. The bag is second hand as well, im very into backpacks right now and finding this peruvian backpack was way too accurate.

ps: please vote here if you can, you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

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