July 28, 2011

Glass Moonlight

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Shorts- ChicwishTee- boyfriendsJacket- Romwe

Wearing my boyfriends ex tee. I got it from him a couple of years ago when I was lacking of tees to throw on and searched for some in his closet. He had some really cool ones (still does, and I want them all) and grabbed the one I’m wearing here. Its from Dream Theater, a really cool band for those who dont know!I wanted to give this sweet lace shorts a less delicate look so I thought why not pair it with this black and white tee. The fact that I cut the neck (which choked me) drove him crazy ha, but it was a gift, he told me to keep it! When we got together that day he even refused to take the pictures, well as you may see I convinced him.. Actually you can get this kind of band tees here in Peru for very cheap prices, so it wasn’t that bad (I can get you another one if you want baby).
Anyways, today I got my passport with the visa stamped on it. I cant be more tranquil now, just 21 days to go!

oh and please excuse the crappy quality here, the camera was acting silly and the skies where being shitty

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