January 22, 2014



Forever in love with sequins.

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T-shirt – Full Breach
Skirt- Nasty Gal
Coat- Tb Dress

Had to pair this perfect sequined skirt (which is actually on sale right now) with a solid military green garment.  The waterfall shape of this blazer (or should I call it blouse cause its way too thin) is brilliant. I feel you cant find these kind of pieces anymore since all we see is minimalistic silhouettes and oversized/men inspired shapes. I love that, but that eventually gets boring for me since it doesn’t involve many textures, granny textures specifically.  Also, my hair is copper now. I got tired of the magenta/crimson color and its more orange. Why on earth did I took so long.. this color will always be my favorite.
Tenia que combinar esta falda de lentejuelas (que esta en oferta) con una prenda solida color verde militar. La caida de el blazer (o blusa ya que es super delgada) es increible… creo que es dificil encontrar este tipo de prendas ahora que la tendencias son mas minimales / inspiradas en siluetas masculinas. El estilo tomboy tambien me gusta, pero creo que eventualmente se vuelve aburrido por que no involucra muchas texturas. Tambien como veran mi pelo esta mas cobre. Me aburri del tono magenta y ahora esta mas naranja. No se por que me tomo tanto tiempo, este color siempre fue mi favorito.

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