July 18, 2013

Golden Elephants.

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 photo IMG_3491acopy.jpg
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 photo IMG_3643pcopy.jpg
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 photo IMG_3758e.jpg
Dress- Fee Luxury

Sorry for the lack of creativity on the title but I had to emphasize the print of this dress. Elephants are my favorite animal and black & gold  is my favorite color combination so this dress was just perfect. I had to take pictures on my roof again because the light is way better there.. I actually tried doing it outdoors but the pictures weren’t good at all. Anyways, Ive been going through a lot of personal things lately, and that has been interfering with my inspiration. I just have to sort myself out .. so hopefully my outfits will be better soon… but we’re all human so bare with me in the meantime 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day.


Disculpen por la creatividad del titulo pero tenia que darle enfasis al print del vestido. Los elefantes son mi animal favorito como tambien la combinacion de dorado y negro asi que este vestido me enamoro al instante. Tuve que tomar fotos en mi techo de nuevo por que la luz es mucho mejor ahi.. En realidad trate de hacerlo afuera pero las fotos no quedaron tan bien :(En fin, he estado pasando por un momento complicado ultimamente y eso ha interferido con mi inspiracion. Solo tengo que solucionar temas pero se que pronto mis looks seran mejores.  Espero que tengan un lindo dia .

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