June 25, 2011

hey, must be a devil between us



PhotobucketShorts- VintageFringe Top- ROTTights- IwearsinLeo blouse-VintageBag- WholesaleBlack ring- rock´nroseShoes- Wantedshoes
Loved to wear this. This blouse is one of my favorite vintage finds. I think I love it more due to the fact it doesnt has the typical leopard colors.Yesterday I got together with Rosi and had a few drinks. I love having fun with a friend spending the whole night talking about everything there is. We took a couple of pictures which I might show you in a near future! Today I went to get some thrifted stuff, I have to show you my new 90s plaid shorts with a string tied up on the front part of the waist. Its ugly and amazing. I also got a plaid shirt since Im sick of overwearing the same black and white one, which might plan to get rid of, and a couple of corsets! Actually three. Ive never bought so many corsets at once but I had to do it, they are so brilliantly detailed, I cant stop staring at them now.

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