November 17, 2011

Jigsaw falling into place

Blouse- vintage
Parka – Chicwish
Necklace- vintage
Shorts- Romwe
Finally a pair of decent docs! Don’t worry I wont stop using my second hand dusty ones but man, this are so pretty. I think I want to eat them. I find them really comfortable and are true to size. I’ve seen a lot of people asking about the sizing of Dr Martens so I thought they were extremely different to the real size but these are exactly my size and fit perfectly. I got them for a and Dr Martens Collaboration. I was thrilled when they offered me a pair of docs, they told me they were going to send a pair that suits my style. Well I never imagined they would actually get INTO my head. I’ve been into sparkling stuff lately and these docs were meant to be in my glittery collection.
Anyways, Ive been wearing this tee so many days in a row. Im sorry, i am no fashionista. when I get obsessed with something I don’t mind to wearing it over and over again.
So, Kan Dee Shop has offered 10% discount to any of my readers! Just put code luanna (haha, my name :O ) when you checkout!
Ah Im so glad the week is almost over
Hello weekend.

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