April 2, 2012

Keep your distance


Skirt- Motel Rocks
Blouse- Second hand
Jacket- H&M (second hand)
Shoes- BarbieRawk
Choker- bracelet, idk where I got it.

Ahh this is one of the best mondays of my life, I am in vacations for a week and feel so relaxed now. I want to do so many things though. One of the things im going to do is getting some spray paint to do a little diy with a pair of huge wedged sneakers I just got yesterday. Man you’ll love them, I cant wait to post them over here. I also got a pair of super chunky platform boots, they are ugh so freaking amazing i just cant explain it.

By the way, Good Goods China, a webstore that has really cool dress options for Prom night or special occasions is hosting a giveaway in their facebook! Click here to be directed to their facebook and enter the giveaway! Its just two easy steps.
Oh and yes.. I have a lot of freckles ha.
Have a great day everyone!

Ya sali de vacaciones y creo que este es el mejor lunes de mi vida. Quiero aprovechar para hacer miles de cosas y saber que no tengo clases me pone demasiado de buen humor. Me he comprado dos pares de zapatos de segunda increibles. Unas zapatillas con plataformas gigantes que quiero pintar todas de negro y unas botas de cuero con plataforma tambien. Ahh me encantan ya quiero mostrarselas por aca!
En fin, Good Goods China una tienda online de vestidos para prom u ocasiones especiales, esta sorteando 11 vestidos asi que les recomiendo que participen! Hagan click aca para ir al facebook donde esta el concurso.
Que tengan un lindo dia todos!!!

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