July 27, 2018

Lake Como with Luxottica.

A few days ago I was honored to be invited to the Luxottica Days worldwide preview of their SS19 eyewear collections that took place in Villa Erba, a 19th century villa in the shores of Lake Como, Italy. It was one of the greatest experiences where I got to discover one of the most romantic and beautiful cities, meet amazing people and of course get so much inspiration learning about eyewear trends for the next season.

We stayed at CastaDiva Resort, a beautiful hotel with seven villas located in the village of Blevio. I was blown away with the ornate architecture.  The moment we got there I was already taking pictures of every little corner. I couldn’t get over their lakeside restaurant were we had a quick bite and shared a pizza. You guys have no idea how much cheese I had in this trip, and I don’t feel guilty at all, ha.

My first outfit was very simple as I wanted to be comfortable (I was so so jetlagged), but I added some Vogue pink tinted shades which I feel completed the whole look. Tinted sunglasses is a major trend that has been up for a while and its not going anywhere so I will be sporting these quite a lot.

For the second outfit I was already feeling the italian vibe and I wore a lace corset top with black pants. I have been so inspired by my surroundings lately and Lake Como really stood out, it is the perfect mix of renaissance elegance and gothic inspiration that I much needed. I love these intricate gold Versace shades, they have the most unique design and I’m not mad that they totally matched the city.

Pizza. So much pizza but I promise we shared this one.

More interior inspo from CastaDiva. The resort’s name and aesthetic also reflects the many historic guests the Villa has had, one of which was Vincenzo Bellini, an opera composer who wrote the aria Casta Diva. This lady was Giuditta Pasta, a very influential italian soprano singer who constantly worked with Bellini and spent time in this area. It was so incredible knowing I was staying in the same grounds where so much history took place!

Also, this clock wall was my reason to live.

Outfit details, as per usual.

My outfit was a mix of lots of textures. I wore an old crochet top that I cut, with a studded belt, some high waisted jeans and my beloved platform sneakers to be able to explore and walk around! I added that furry Furla bag for a pop of color. Don’t mind the amount of gold worn haha but it matched so well with the sunglasses.

2 minutes away from our hotel villa was this breathtaking tunnel that lead to this port. We were literally staying next to the lake.

Hi there. Love these Prada mirrored round shades so much. I haven’t worn mirrored sunglasses in a while and these were the perfect ones to get back into it! Should I do this shot in every new city I go?

This. I just need this again right now. Not sure if I need this view or the cheeses though.

Another look for dinner. Never had worn this shade of green but I think I quite like the idea. The silk dress is from Rat and Boa and I love the super low cut which paired nicely with my Tillys Veeas coin necklaces.

We took a boat to go to the preview of the Luxottica Eyewear trends. The whole ride was stunning. They showed us the upcoming trends from all of their brands followed by a spectacular dinner at Villa Erba in Cernobbio.

Like an old movie. The 19th century building was so freaking incredible. It was design inspired by Italian Mannierism with beautiful views and botanical gardens.

I wore this beautiful yellow lace dress from Revolve.

For the last morning I was wearing my travel attire to head to Paris. Just some high waisted cargo pants and a ribbed top paired with these Versace sunnies that have the coolest silhouette and hardware detail. I was so sad to be leaving, can you tell haha. I couldn’t thank Luxottica enough for letting me be a part of their yearly Luxottica Days event.

One last coffee and we were ready to go.
I hope you guys enjoyed this little recap.  So many upcoming posts from my travels so stay tuned!

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