June 1, 2010

Lets take them down one by one

I have been watching my dog all day long for the last three days so thats why the lack of posts. The puppies are all well! they are only two but thats fine being her first pregnancy. I havent been posting pictures of my everyday outfits lately but I promise I will. These few days I have been in sweatpants all day so the pictures wouldnt have been very productive.
The other day I realized I needed more vintage tees with some colourful graphics so I called my cousin, with whom I always go shopping for some cool stuff. I asked him to borrow me some for the next few days. I thought he would bring one or two. Well he brought almost ten and he even mentioned they were the ones taken out of the laundry. I was shocked, they are all perfect. I cant imagine how many tshirts he has. This is one of them. I really need to raid his whole closet.

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