March 9, 2012

Lord & Taylor


These are a couple of pictures my boyfriend took with a point and shoot camera during the Lord & Taylor comp. I didn’t had in mind to share them over here but I thought you might wanted to have an idea of how the outfit I styled looked in someone and not only a mannequin! I actually wanted to wear it so bad. I mean, I selected the items that resembled the most to what I like…. everything was a little bit too luxurious  for my taste. I put together the mosaic pants with a black bustier first, but of course Lord & Taylors aesthetics are more traditional so I added a chiffon blouse and a belt with a golden buckle to make the look more elegant. I just loved the classy yet boho vibe. I was wearing this cuff from Romwe, a jumper from Queens Wardrobe, and my roomies blouse and skirt. I  wore something way to dressy yet plain for my taste,  but I just wanted to look simple next to my styled outfit. Don’t take this as an outfit post, haha I like darker outfits all the way.
Anyways, I have some outfit posts (which I really like, the weather has been so kind lately) so keep your eyes open! I also wanted to thank for all your lovely comments on the last post, you guys are so nice to me!!

Estas fotos son de la competencia de Lord & Taylor que mi chico tomo con una camara digital. No habia pensado postearlas aca pero decidi hacerlo para mostrarles como se veia el look que arme en una persona y no en un maniqui. Para ser sincera estaba bien contenta con el resultado, incluso queria ponermelo! Quise armar un look boho-chic mezclando piezas elegantes y clasicas ya que Lord & Taylor tiene esta estetica mas tradicional, creo yo. Lo primero que escogi fue el pantalon y un bustier negro pero por razones obvias preferi añadir una blusa de chiffon crema para darle un toque mas elegante.
Yo me puse algo bien simple pero tratando de que se vea elegante. La chompa es de Queens Wardrobe y el collar dorado es de Romwe. La falda y blusa son de mi roommate ja. La verdad es que me puse algo muy simple para mi gusto pero no queria crear ningun tipo de contraste con el outfit que arme para el concurso. Obviamente hubiese preferido vestirme un poco mas de negro.
En fin, tengo un par de outfits que posteare pronto asi que esten atentas!

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