December 30, 2016

Monthly Favorites

I am constantly trying new products all the time for my face and skin and of course you know I love me some fashion shopping. There are a few new things that make it to my favorites list and part of my daily routine so I decided to do a post once a month with those! I will be doing these posts once a month with stuff I love that don’t limit to beauty, basically gather all my recent favorites of the month including fashion, beauty and skin products to share with you guys!


 1. Favorite Scent : Stella by Stella Mc Cartney

I’m not sure if I ever told you guys, but I actually was not a perfume/scent person back in the old days. I used to never ever use a perfume because I didn’t know which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t – or perhaps I was too lazy to figure that out. With the years, things changed and now I can’t live without them. I simply was more open to try scents in general, and basically got myself accustomed to them. Its funny because now I put perfume at least four times a day, even before going to sleep. The Stella Eau de Toilette by Stella Mc Cartney is one of those I wear on a regular basis. It smells like dewy roses and ugh its so good.

388A926 copy

 2. Favorite lip liner: Mac in Chicory

Recently, I’ve been applying lip liners all over my lips as a lipstick. Although I normally prefer liquid lipsticks, sometimes a liner gives a less cakey look and lasts just as long! I’m currently obsessed with Chicory by Mac because its the perfect hybrid between a nude rose and a deep mauve that looks so gorgeous. I love the fact that its a liner because its super matte.

388A9191-2 copy

3. Favorite nailpolish: RMS in Vicious

You know I love a good oxblood/burgundy nail color and this month I’ve been obsessed with this shade by RMS. It actually comes in the Vixen nailpolish set which has two additional shades (a bright red one and a frosty pearl one which I also love).

388A9287 copy

4. Favorite cleanser: Lancôme Energie de Vie

Cleansers. I’m kinda addicted to trying every single one in the market because I wear so much make up and taking it off plays a huge part in my life haha. I love it when they are very easy to wear, particularly when they work as soap and cleanser. I’ve been wearing Lancomes’ foam Energie de Vie cleanser since I got it and it works quite well for all the make up I wear. I just love how soft it makes my skin look after cleansing and the smell which is amazing.

388A9198 copy

5. Favorite bag: Etienne Aigner Colette crossbody

I probably have mentioned this before, but i’m definitely a small bag kind of girl. I usually prefer to carry just the basics (phone, keys, lipstick and my cardholder) so a small bag suffices for me and I love carrying a lightweight thing on my shoulder. Normally I go for vintage small crossbodies but I’ve been wearing this Etienne Aigner bag ever since I got it. It has a very classic silhouette and goes with absolutely every thing in my wardrobe.

388A9253 cop

You already know these babies. I spotted them on the Louis Vuitton online site and had to get them. They only had one pair left on a store so I basically ran there to grab myself their last pair! They were of course a little pricey but I decided to splurge because they basically epitomize my dream oxfords. Chunky with a vintage vibe and so many pretty details. Its crazy how some stores have made similar pairs so you can actually get the same style here (pretty much knock off)  for an affordable price.

388A9221 copy 3

7. Favorite concealer: NARS Radiant Concealer

I literally wear this radiant creamy concealer by Nars (in Custard) almost every day. It brightens up any area I want and helps so much with the contouring. I basically put it after my foundation under my eyes in a triangle shape and then in the bridge of my nose. Then I set with powder and im done.

8. Favorite moisturizer/ peel: Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel from Dr Jart

This one has been saving my skin from all the weather changes in NYC (dry and cold weather) and to keep my skin healthy here in Peru after so much traveling. I use this peel to moisturize my face (comes with cotton pads and you apply for about a minute) and to take away all the dullness and clogged pores. It seriously makes your skin look amazing.

9. Favorite book : Notes from Underground388A9291

Not a favorite post without my favorite book! Its basically an existentialist classic novel that my boyfriend recommended me and honestly I’m hooked. So far it has such a strong philosophical voice it reminds me of the years back when I majored in literature. Sometimes I miss those days but then I realize a good book can fulfill that passion of mine.


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