December 6, 2011

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Please gals and guys, I never ask for this kind of things.. but this time I really need your support. It means the world to me having the opportunity of being in his amazing contest, but it would mean much more if I could actually help Peru, my country with the prize.. I cant beleive the amount of support Ive been getting from all of you, you are truly amazing… I would really be thankful forever if i had your vote again! You can vote every day, so please please.. take a couple of seconds to do it again 🙂

This is the weirdest and most anxious week ever. I am checking the Mango contest and at  the same time studying for my finals which started on monday!!!! Not to mention I have so many outfit posts on my computer waiting to be posted!! I will post a load of outfits starting tomorrow. I promise! <3
The pictures above are from the day of the photoshoot! Ah.. I look so concentrated , I was trying to think how to wear that black cape, probably.. My boyfriend always tells me that when I get into a store I am in store-mode.. which means there is no way I can be talked to.. haha I concentrate on each garment. The second picture was taken in the restaurant we went after the shoot, I had a lovely time with the Mango team and the other finalists. I was really excited to meet them all, and god they are much more beautiful in person! 
Hola chicos y chicas! Nuevamente les pido que voten por mi… no saben lo contenta y emocionada que estoy de estar participando en este concurso, de por si eso ya significa muchisimo para mi… haber llegado a ser finalista es un logro que no habria podido conseguir sin la ayuda de ustedes! Pero les pido una vez mas que voten por mi, pueden votar una vez al dia y estare eternamente agradecida que se tomen dos segundos para volver a votar! El cuadrado de vote tiene que cambiar a azul cuando votas…( aveces no funciona!)  Es un orgullo representar al Peru, y  me pone los pelos de punta saber que es con la causa de donar $10,000 una caridad.. sabemos que lo necesitamos!
ahora, me voy a dar mi examen final! mil gracias a todos y todas!!! <3:)

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