December 13, 2010

Move on or you’ll see how you fade

Im finally done with this semester. Feels goddamn good knowing its holidays for three months. Im very excited that now I have the time to post and do stuff I couldnt do due to all the work I had. I still need to study for the TOEFL im taking on Saturday. I hope it goes well, I will only study for five days so wish me luck!
This is what I wore on friday. Its an eenie bit simple for my taste but I like it.  I got these tights and skirt in a market, tights were five dollars and I got the skirt for ten. Stuff can be very cheap here.. The tee is a loose white tee that I cut.
Man, I need to confess something. I wont take pictures during these three days because im brilliant. I went to the beach yesterday because it was pretty sunny and didnt wear any sunscreen. You cant imagine how red i am, I didnt wanted to get an orange tan ( I hate it) , just to grab some colour. Well, now im facing the consecuences and my body hurts like hell.


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