September 20, 2021

My favorite designer bags – tips on how I shop

Lately I’ve realized the importance of quality over quantity. I definitely love splurging on a million thrifted pieces but when it actually comes to staple or key pieces, I have realized that shopping smarter is more important. I’ve had a million backpacks but they all end up falling to pieces and I end up giving it away. And to be honest nothing feels better than investing in something that will last a lifetime. That’s what I do with handbags since you always need to wear a bag. In my case I usually wear very similar bags and I don’t feel I need to shop for crazy different ones, making my shopping easier.

To be honest, when shopping for designer bags I do take my time until I’m completely sure. If you’re indecisive like me you’ll understand I’ve had a bag in my cart for more than a month lol. So I got you. Keep reading to know some of my tips!

You can get a the coolest Fendi pieces here. This site has great designer new launches and the service is great.

Make sure you check out The Real Real for cool vintage bags, they have so many options! It’s my go to. I got this 2000’s Street Chic Columbus Dior bag and a vintage Chanel there.

I always make sure to shop smart and that’s how I got my favorite bags at the moment.

Here’s some tips I always take in consideration:

  • Go for colors and textures you wear the most. In my case I always look for neutral/ black shades so they match with everything. Then I would pick my favorite colors such as burgundy or dark green. Who doesn’t loves a nice pop of color in a full black look. I also make sure I get a texture that matches with my whole wardrobe. Love me a vintage leather, sequined or faux furry even!
  • I make sure I look for photos of people wearing the bag, not just look at the store image. I would google the bag or look it up on Pinterest to see street style photos. It’s good to get an idea of how you would style it or how many pieces in your closet match. You don’t want a bag that you can’t wear much!
  • If you’re shopping online, definitely make sure you check out street style photos for size reference!
  • Look at different prices for at least a week, so you make sure you get the best deal out there. Unless it’s a bag sold out everywhere and it’s a classic you know you need, you don’t want to spend too much when you could have waited a bit.
  • Make sure it will last a lifetime. I always look for classic designs that just elevate a look.
  • Go for super convenient sizes. I realized I wear comfiest bags the most and those that at least fit my phone and a wallet. Otherwise when would I wear it?
  • Do your research. If you have three bags in mind make sure you research which one is the most coveted so that it would not deteriorate in price. This mind sound exaggerated but I’ve been there and I’m glad I researched more than the usual to get the best option.
  • Make a list of what kind of bag you need the most. Is it an everyday casual bag, a going out one or a big tote for work. Then prioritize and get the one you need the most first. This also sounds exaggerated but I swear I’ve wanted so many styles and had to decide which one I truly need first.

Hope this helps if you’re trying to get a designer bag and don’t know where to start. I now make sure I buy a quality bag that I know I will give to my kids and that they will love! No wonder why I always wear my aunts vintage designer bag and it’s another one of my favorites! Now I understand why I love it so much, it just gets better with age.

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