November 21, 2011

No one’s gonna warn you

Lace shirt- Market HQ.Cape – Market HQ Necklaces- thrift store and momsShoes- Jessica Buurman Earrings: Poshlocket.  Ok, these pictures.. I went upstairs with my boyfriend to grab more light and the rain started falling. As you can see there are some blurred parts and I look a little bit active.. well  I was kind of freezing and trying to do something with the wind that was bringing all the water towards me!Anyways, I couldnt not pair these two pieces from Market HQ together. I think they were meant to be worn like that. Love the dead colour of the lace blouse, it looks amazing with a lot of necklaces and black ensembles! The fabric of the blouse is delicious, stretchy and comfortable as hell. I might pair it with vintage graphic tees as well. Oh and this shoes are my life now.As you can see my hair is less red than before, the red shade is fading away, im not sure what to do yet with it but I might go for a change.
The other day I was with my boyfriend near his house in Williamsburg and there was a tall blonde girl walking nearby.. she turned around and I couldn’t believe it..  man,  Abbey Lee is the most beautiful thing on earth, she looks ethereal. i think I can die in peace now. funny because she is the person that inspires me the most, her style is good as hell.. ps: Poshlocket, the store where I got these lovely earrings are having an amazing 50% off sale for black friday!   just use the code BF11 when you check out 🙂

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