August 15, 2013

Nowhere to be found.

IMG_0374pp copy

Recognize my balcony? This is a look I wore a couple of nights ago.. I can’t believe it was actually 7pm when we took these pictures.
Reconocen mi balcon en NY? Este look lo tomamos hace un par de noches.. aun no puedo entender como habia tanta luz a las 7 de la noche.

 IMG_0377p copy  IMG_0459po


IMG_0516p copy


PIMG_0613 copy IMG_0619e copy

Jumper – Skinnybitch Apparel
Bustier- Vintage/ similar here
Skirt- Old/ similar here
Sunglasses- 80s Purple

Anyways, I don’t know whats going on but I’ve been wearing black since I got here. Black and more black even though its hot as hell. I guess its this “black” inspiration I get every time I come to NY. I just want to mix different textures like you can see on this look.
I’m so excited to be moving to a bigger apartment. I can’t wait to be settled so I can literally post so many outfits and start doing different posts on the blog. I still would love to get your feedback with some ideas. Let me know on the comments! Hope you’re all having a great week !!


En fin, no se que ha pasado que solo he usado negro desde que llegue a NY. Negro y mas negro a pesar del calor que esta haciendo. Me he dado cuenta que siempre me viene una inspiracion de usar pocos colores y mas texturas al llegar a Nueva York.
Estoy feliz por que voy a mudarme a un depa un poco mas grande. Ya quiero estar instalada para poder postear todos los looks que se me van ocurriendo y otro tipo de posts. Me encantaria saber que mas les gustaría ver así que dejen su opinion en los comentarios. Que esten teniendo una linda semana!

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