November 2, 2017


Its fall, and with autumn leaves comes time for a wardrobe make-over. This is the season where everyone is in the hunt for the perfect jacket that would actually be versatile enough to wear a million times. Jackets are more like an investment, because we want one that would not only keep us warm but look good with as many outfits as possible … it is something we would wear every day so it definitely has to go with everything/ make us feel comfortable! There’s a few top statement jackets I love but today I’m sharing one of my favorites: the classic parka. This parka from H&M is literally that go-with-everything piece that you can also throw on top of a plain jeans and t-shirt outfit and still look put together. I love that it comes in so many shades depending on your style and your wardrobe. I picked the green one (even thought the burgundy would be killer too) and put together these three looks that are different yet have a similar style.

The first one is an every day look that would be perfect for school, just some slouchy jeans and a comfy tee with a cool graphic and of course fishnet socks and platform sneakers. Super easy to put together and definitely warm enough for cold days. The second one is more relaxed, just paired sweatpants with a cool top to run errands in the morning and be comfortable. Finally the last one is more of a casual night outfit (unless you do love tights as much as I do and would wear this on a regular basis). Let me know your favorite! hope you guys like this post J

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Green Parka – H&M / more colors available!

Gremlins T-shirtH&M

Black boyfriend jeans

Fishnet socks

Platform sneakers

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285A8762 copy
Red ribbed top
Black sweatpants
Gold hoops
Black printed briefs (underwear)
285A8486 copy
285A8418 copy
Green Parka – H&M / more colors available!
Wu Tang Sweatshirt
Black platform booties

Shop the look below:

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