Faith and fully fine


Gorgeous girls, stunning clothes, brilliant pictures.

crochet and vintage boots

vintage tshirts and retro glasses

leather and vintage blouses

animal print

tye die

more vintage tees
messy hair
more messy

beautiful messy hair and hippie inspired jewelry
 indian accessories and patterns
floral blouses

and forests

found on : Johnnys Bird, Stefanysite, tumblr/weheartit.

Too high to flow too bored to break the tedium

After receiving some questions about my nail polishes I decided to post two of my favourite ones. Here they are. The Purple 1 from Urban Outfitters and the NYC color. The nyc one is not that long lasting, it was only 2 dollars I think but I really like the colour and dont care having



Yesterday I scratched my eye. Im brilliant. I dont know how it happened but suddenly I felt as if a glass of tropicana was inside my eye. Now im wearing an eye patch and its a little bit hard for me to concentrate with only one eye. 
I really like this photos. The first three

Dancing for your pleasure

Firstly I wanted to thank all of you. I am overwhelmed by the fact that you enjoy reading and following this blog. Also, I wanted to thank all of you taking time to make comments and giving me some feedback :)

This is what im wearing today. Obviously im much more wrapped up with a

diy: easy handstitched tee


I decided to post another diy "project". It was pretty easy, the only thing I found hard was the time needed to sew the whole garment. The story of the fabric is very funny. Me and my cousin were walking through some stores in a dangerous zone (lots of robberys take place there very often) and

Stop Whispering


Im pretty sure I've tried everything to keep me busy. These couple of days Ive been everywhere. Went to a lot of places with my boyfriend. Ate a delicious sandwich, walked through some creepy streets near creepy buildings, bought the cheapest tickets for our trip, went to the park where we saw bats, black cats and some weird stuff,   picked up

She’s moved on.


This is my new favorite jacket. My aunt gave it to me a couple of weeks ago and I cant take it off now. The shirt is from my mum, she made it when she just got married to my dad and hence thats his face in the picture. The fabric is too soft, its

Each crowded hour of every day


Just made a collage of all the streetstyle pictures I like the most.

Source: hoyfashion and the style scout.

Old vintage shoes
Skinnies rolled up
Flowy dresses
Camel colour
Bohemian accessories
Red lips
Bright blue denim with dark colours

The picture below is from the cobrasnake. I needed to share it. That blouse , green

And I wanted more than I could steal.

I got some new glasses! I have myopia which sucks and always wear contact lenses when I go out. I never wear glasses to go out because all my glasses are horrible, typical simple ones. Well, I was walking through a street the other day and a man was selling this lovely ones. I bought

Hello hurricane, youre not enough


Hello hello. I have been very busy these couple of days going from one place to another. Went with my cousin to the tailor so that he could modify a couple of his things. I have SO many things to alter but I dont want to spend money for the rest of the month. I