Friday night. Doing nothing. Robbed my sisters school supplies. Drawing & sketching. Crayons. Ink and lined paper that smells just fine. And finally, new header.
ps: the last picture was taken by my boyfriend the other day.

summers gone


Another top that we are selling! We have lots of pictures of what we are selling so we will launch the brand anytime soon.
I almost kill my cousin when he realized he took all pictures with the dirty lens. It had a spot for the whole goddamn day. Thats why the blur on the

Thank you Fashionjinx!


I've been featured by fashionjinx, to check the interview click here!
I really love this site and find amazing the idea of making interviews to different bloggers around the world. You gotta check out all the interviews of the amazing girls out there.

Another couple of old pictures I never posted!

She talked about the empty world


As stiff as toys
And tall as men
And swaying like the wind torn trees
She talked about the empty world
With eyes like poison birds
The Empty World- The Cure.

These pictures show the dress we are also going to sell. I think that this dress/white socks combination looks lovely. You gotta love the

Bloodbuzz Ohio


Now playing: Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National.

These are some pictures I never posted! they were taken about a couple of months ago. The dotted tights are my favorites and these shoes are so comfortable.
Today me and my cousin finished making the garments that we are going to sell. We also made an attempt



I need to make more photo shoots outside my house. I promise I'll post some outfit pictures very soon!

These are the last two pictures I saved on my loved folder. Im coincidentally having a huge ring obsession and overusing flowered light blouses.

source: we heart it. if one of these is yours let me