Interview to Mega B.


How would you describe your style? A trainwreck of juxtaposed trends and styles. One day I'm geek and girly the next I'm all black goth.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Nihongo! (Japan :D)

What kind of music you like the most? Im not afraid to say I enjoy

We’ll rise above the scarlet tide


Here im wearing my overused black shorts. Need to get high waisted ones, im sick of wearing a black belt to make it look high waisted. The top is actually a dress, but its way too short. And the blouse is the one you see all the  time in my pictures, I cant stop wearing



(sorry for the watermark, the picture is way to amazing to ignore it)

Lately Ive been getting lots of inspiration from these kind of pictures. Love 80s and 90s pictures more than other decades. I would kill to have grown up on the 80s and living my teenage years during the 90s. Everytime I ask

Don’t you worry baby, you won’t feel a thing


blouse and thick wooly cardigan from a thrift store, rings and necklaces from forever21)
(excuse the third picture. I hate when flash makes your face disappear)

Hello there,
I had the most comfortable exam ever. I could use all my class notes during the exam, and it was delicious.
So Im posting again and Im

The unrequited dream, the song that no one sings.


Gosh its freezing outside. I really need to wear more layers now. I just hope it doesnt gets too cold by the end of july. Here are the pictures I promised! I guess you can clearly see the piercing. Im still taking care of it and letting it heal. I hate having to pour ointment

Drive she said, I’ll tell you when to stop


I dont know why im too sleepy lately and why loads of coffee dont help. I need to get a work done and I cant even concentrate. My phone fell on my cup of coffee, its sticky and doesnt work anymore. grrreat
 Took this pictures of my make up today. Dont freak out, if it

Of pluto brats and coma teens


The girl who would be beauty queen
Tells the doctor of her dream
A soiree in the mezzanine
And castenets and tambourines
A careless word and ugly scenes

the girl who would be beauty queen
surrounded by the regular team
of pluto brats and coma teens
in bowler hats and brilliantine
or bold cravats of

Pastel and flowers

Old pics. I want summer so bad. 

I think tonight im going to watch a movie with my boyfriend. Maybe Ill get some pictures and post them here! 

Oh, and Ive been thinking about getting my nose pierced. We'll see if I convince myself to actually do it.