Watch the world come alive tonight

Hey there. First of all I wanted to thank all of the followers of this blog :) I really appreciate it, and it makes me want to post more constantly.

(Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it.)

Ok, so these are the tshirts I told you about! Thats me and my best friend. She is



I had no time to post the other pictures of this outfit before so here they are. Another cut-off pants. As you may see, I love wearing shorts. I have lots of pants (I swear I do!) and never use them so I prefer cutting some than not using them ever.
 Feeling very sick and tired right now, I

He not busy being born is busy dying


I really love this quote. Its from Dylans' song "Its alright, Ma". You better read those lyrics, they are too powerful. Ok, so here im wearing my beloved high wasted shorts as in summer but with black tights. I really like how it looks, I dont feel too exposed with those shorts now. The tjmaxx

I’ve seen pretty people disappear like smoke.


This is what I wore on friday just because it was sort of a warm day. Its too cold right now,I'm wearing a jumper and a jacket and its still cold. Also, seeing nice summer pictures in the internet do not help at all :(
I really like this camel coloured bag and its texture.

What will you do when the curtains fall


Dress from Forever 21, denim shirt from a thrift shop (I dont remember which) and purse from salvation army. The dress is actually worn backwards because the front part is all black and I wanted to show the lace. So I'm wearing a black simple dress underneath. Also the shirt was bigger and long sleeved

Lets take them down one by one

I have been watching my dog all day long for the last three days so thats why the lack of posts. The puppies are all well! they are only two but thats fine being her first pregnancy. I havent been posting pictures of my everyday outfits lately but I promise I will. These few days

Joey, if you’re hurting so am I.

Listening to Joey from Concrete Blonde. God, how I love this song.
I bought this sort of gothic/grunge shirt for 2 dollars thinking that I was going to use it only once or twice. Well, Im OVER using it, I really like that gothic look it gives to black outfits. The top that I dont