You were swinging for Mars


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I want winter now. After being in the snow all this winter in Utah and coming back to an extreme hot summer I want cold air. Im sick of wearing shorts and light tops. I want chunky scarves!

I'm starting a new brand of clothings. It will consist


these guys are my favorites:

These pictures are so sweet.

I swear I was the little girl in the first picture when I was a kid. I had a HUGE obsession with serious, I was crazy for them. The second picture made me laugh out loud.

Here I stand, in front of your imagination.


I want some harem pants. I dont know why suddenly I switched from hating them to loving them. I told you I would post my new boots but its to hot here to wear them! I will take a pic of them and post it.
I am going through a movie addiction phase. I want

I heard somebody say that the war ended today


Tiger tee and docs typically combined. Im scared of a future docmartens overuse this following winter. I love this necklace to death, it matches with everything.
I just bought a pair of boots today. huray! wanted some like them a loong time ago. I'll show you in my next post :)

Millenium Mambo


Below: Pictures from a couple of weeks ago. They were boring so I edited them a little. I know, sometimes editing becomes annoying but I swear they needed a color tone change and some other edits that look like they were made by a 3 year old boy.

Love this song and this opening scene

the sun shines in the bedroom when we play


I keep putting my hair like this haha i need to do something. I hate that my hair takes decades to grow. Somedays I want bangs, somedays I hate them! I would love to make it grow from one day to another.
Ok, so I really love this short + belt combination. Im too


This photo is so beautiful.

amazing combination

♥ high waisted shorts.

Perfect hair

Love dark lips

Lykke Li


Abby Lees surf-inspired pink tips- Vogue Australia March 2010



As you may see, I am in love with crosses. I love the fact that they mean so many things in the world. I even have a celtic cross inked in the back of my neck.