December 7, 2016

Parade Of Adolescence

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Sweater- Oh Hey Girl

Skirt- Romwe

Crop top – cropped this t-shirt

Shoes – River Island

Beanie – Wooln

Bag- Me Char

Channeling school girl vibes again. Fun fact is that I sent this look to my best friend before posting and she asked me if I was inspired by Harry Potter. Laugh out loud because I’m not sure if she is crazy or I’m not enough a fan of the books. Anyways, I never thought a plaid mini was pairable (if that is even a word) with a long duster cardigan but I quite love the result. Its basically the best way to wear the tiniest mini skirt and walk comfortably on windier days. I honestly struggle with that issue all the time, seriously New York can get SO windy sometimes, so I always prefer to wear something longer rather than showing my bum. This sweater in particular could genuinely be a favorite though… the fabric is so heavy it falls in a really nice way and doesn’t look bulky at all! I also like to wear it with skinny jeans, a basic tee with my creepers for a more basic outfit.

Hope you guys are doing well, I missed writing over here but I’ve been having such great days lately. I’m in Copenhagen and its seriously so so amazing. I can’t wait to post some outfits I’ve been wearing during this trip!


Nuevamente con la onda colegiala. Curiosamente le mande este look a mi mejor amiga y me pregunto si me inspire en Harry Potter, jaja. No se si esta loca o simplemente no soy tan fan del libro/ pelicula. En fin, nunca pense que una mini de cuadros quedaria bien con un sweater tan largo, pero me ha gustado como quedo. Es casi la solucion para poder usar las minis mas cortas en los dias que hace muchisimo viento. La verdad es que siempre tengo ese problema por que aveces parece que hay huracan en NY. Este sweater en particular me encanta por que la tela es bien pesada entonces cae bien en el cuerpo y no se ve como un bulto! jaja. Tambien me gusta usarlo con jeans, un polo basico y mis creepers.

En fin, espero que esten bien 🙂 extrañaba escribir por aca, pero he estado teniendo unos dias hermosos ultimamente. Ahorita estoy en Copenhagen y es tan pero tan increible. Pronto posteare los looks que he estado usando en el blog!


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