May 18, 2010

Radioactive Toy

48st entry! I never thought I would post so often and that it would be so fun. I love to get back home and find my inbox filled with lovely comments from YOU!
This outfit is pretty common but I love how simple it is. Same shorts, same tights and same docs as always. I’m in love with this motorcycle jacket and with the fact that its so soft and goes with everything. I got it at tjmaxx. The tee is my moms pjs, its so comfy .
Today I went with my boyfriend and cousin to get a mannequin so that we take pictures of the garments we are going to sell. It was so fun walking on the streets with a huge hard white girl, everyone stared at us as if we were crazy. I also bought a big sketch book to keep drawing, I got inspired by my old sketches and got upset that I dont draw anymore. So I’ve decided to keep doing it, it relaxes me a lot and it gives me more outfit ideas.


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