December 8, 2011

Seize the hour


Shorts- Coal n Terry Vintage
Jumper- Batoko
Blouse- Vintage
Sunglasses- 80s Purple
Necklace- This is Transition

I wore this outfit last weekend. It is extremely cold here but the jumper was good enough to warm me up!
These days Ive been like crazy! I just had two finals and im still a week away from finishing all my classes, course projects and exams. Next friday im off to Peru for a month, finally!  I  cant wait to see my family and friends.. and of course the food..god how I miss it. It has been a lovely semester here in NY but home is always home.
Anyways, once again.. I ask you for your vote in the Mango contest!!  I am so overwhelmed with the amount of votes I have already gotten! you really cant imagine how grateful I am to be in second place! The differences of votes is not big and I know that with a little help from all of you I could really help a charity in my country with a 10 thousand dollar check. It would  make a big difference for us! Please it wont take you more than three seconds and it would mean so much to me!

Hola a todos! No se olviden de votar! quiero agradecerles de corazon a todos los que han estado votando por mi! Estoy demasiado sorprendida con todo el apoyo que he recibido. Se que en Peru estan votando y eso es lo que mas contenta me pone!!!!!!! Muchisimas gracias a todos… Estoy super orgullosa de representar.. no tienen idea cuanto 🙂 Donar 10,000 dolares a una caridad en Peru seria lo mejor que habria logrado con mi blog y en mi vida!
Un abrazo!!!!

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