April 30, 2010

She talked about the empty world

As stiff as toys
And tall as men
And swaying like the wind torn trees
She talked about the empty world
With eyes like poison birds
The Empty World- The Cure.

These pictures show the dress we are also going to sell. I think that this dress/white socks combination looks lovely. You gotta love the dress.
The black leather backpack was my last vintage treasure find. I have been searching on the past months and it was impossible to find one. I’ve been searching everywhere, started in Peru, couldnt find it. Then I thought I would definitely find one in Park City or Salt Lake City. Nothing. Finally, when I lost hope I saw this beauty laying on a “flea market” here in Peru. I laughed out loud when I saw it, just when I give up it comes straight towards me.

Thanks for giving me your opinion! I really appreciate when I get feedback and opinions from different people around the world.
(I think I will let my bangs grow just for a little change.)

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