June 26, 2010

This is the day the world stood still

I love answering on formspring. If you have any question just ask.
I want a frapuccino so bloody bad. My cousin works on Starbucks and on summer he used to bring me one almost every day. Now he never remembers, Im calling him right now, he had morning shift so im hoping he is still there.
This is what I wore a couple days ago. Just took some pictures before leaving my room. (im planning to paint it white, what do you  think) 
Ive seen pictures with layers of stars edited on photoshop and I wanted to make one so I did it. I guess it doesnt look bad huh? haha, I still think it looked better without it but it doesnt matter I still wanted to post a fancy starry picture anyways.
pants from pacsun, shirt from my cousin -he got it at a thrift store- and boots & jumper are thrifted too.

Ok fellas so I’m really happy for having more than 400 followers now! If it werent for you this blog wouldnt exist (yeah I have read this kind of thing on some blogs and thought it wasnt really true but I swear I really mean it) 

I would really appreciate if you give me some feedback, any kind of feedback. I keep posting here but I feel as if just a few read my posts 🙁 of course there are some people that always comment me and im so so thankful, you know who you are 🙂
What would you like to see the most here, just tell me.

have a good one

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