June 7, 2012



Ok so basically Im trying to write while keeping myself calmed. I got contacted by Topshop a while ago to give them my permission for the creation of this t-shirt!!!!!! Im seriously way too overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe it until right this moment its actually up on the store! I had to share it over here, this is all thanks to you! I appreciate your support like you have no idea.
I wish I could go to see it myself in person but Im just leaving New York! If you happen to see it on a store I would be more than thankful that you took a little picture with your cellphone or whatever and send it to me 🙂 haha I think im overly excited I still feel this is unreal.
You can see the tee here!
No puedo ni escribir esto por la emoción !!!! Topshop me contacto hace un tiempo para pedirme permiso de usar una de mis fotos para hacer esta tunica!!! Es todo un honor que me hayan escogido aunque en realidad todavia no me lo creo!!!! es casi surreal jaja nunca me imagine que pasaria algo asi. En fin, que pena que me voy de Nueva York ahorita y no podre ver si lo venden en la tienda de aca. Si alguno/a de ustedes lo ve en la tienda y me manda una foto con su celular los amaria, jaja.. les dije que estoy demasiado emocionada.
Pueden ver el top aca!

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