January 14, 2012



Headphones- East Village
Jewelry- Empty Casket
Im packing up right now, spending the last day with my family and enjoying the food right now. Mixed feelings again.. not seeing my family and friends for a long time again makes me feel awkward as hell. But at the same time it makes me anxious seeing my boyfriend again and going back to such a rich and cosmopolitan city. Ill try to post as soon as I get there or maybe right before leaving!
Anyways, I still laugh about the first picture, I was trying to show the jewelry and later realized I look like i am going to sing, yeah right.  I really love these headphones. They are the right ones if you are searching for some good ones that aren’t so expensive. Oh and the title is from this song. its just brilliant.
Ya estoy preparando mi maleta , pasando el ultimo dia aca con mi familia y disfrutando de la comida peruana. Se siente raro y me da un pena irme y no volver a ver a mi familia y amigos por un buen tiempo, pero a la vez estoy ansiosa por volver a NY y estar con mi chico y conocer a tanta gente increible. Tratare de postear llegando o quizas antes!
En fin, me encantan estos audifonos. Necesitaba unos que no cuesten mucho y estos eran perfectos.  Ah y el titulo es de esta cancion.

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