September 23, 2011

We put our masks on to welcome the dawn


Just got back from classes. Today I was wearing a maxi skirt when I left the house and by the end of the class I realized the rain was heavy as hell. You can figure how I got here. My skirt was dragging on the floor all wet and my boyfriend didn’t had an umbrella. Funny stuff.
This is what I wore yesterday. I came to Brooklyn two weekends ago and didnt had any outerwear and the weather was mad cold so I searched for a nice jacket at Beacons closet. Got this bargain for 15 dollars . I love the brown shades it has, I cant imagine the amount of stuff I could wear this with. 
The blouse is vintage, shorts from Omen Eye, ring from Mango and the Docs are second hand. I got the tights at H&M the other day, Im starting to think they are the comfiest tights I’ve worn so far.
(Both pictures were taken two seconds before leaving the house)

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