September 7, 2017

WEEK IN OUTFITS – Back to School

Hi all!
Its been a while since I did a lookbook video so I put together one with some of my favorite outfits as of lately that could also work for school. I just graduated, but I still love watching back to school videos so I thought why not make one myself! BTW I didn’t have a dress code!!! So I could basically wear all of this but I know some of you do have a dress code, so I tried to add some alternatives / dress code hacks 🙂 You can always get creative, switch the length of a top, add a layer on top, skip dropping the dress off the shoulders etc. This is mostly what I would personally wear 🙂
Hope you enjoy and definitely let me know your favorite! I’m doing more videos every week! Will try to upload once a week so definitely leave suggestions for videos because I will be reading all your comments!
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