April 3, 2012

We’re too young to see

Boots- second hand
Tee- second hand
Coat- She Inside
I wore this yesterday. I simply couldnt leave the house without taking a couple of shots to show you my new boots. They’re just perfect. Sorry for the couple of blurry pictures, I had to run.
The winner of the Romwe Giveaway is Elizabeth from What a Wonderful World. Congrats Eli! For those who entered.. I will post another giveaway soon so keep your eyes open!

Esto es lo que use ayer. No pude evitar tomar unas cuantas fotos para mostrarle mis nuevas botas, son bellas.
Aprovecho para decirles que la ganadora del concurso de Romwe es :Elizabeth de What a Wonderful World. Felicitaciones! A todos los que participaron, no se desanimen que voy a hacer otro concurso pronto 🙂

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