November 24, 2010

You Got a Feeling Nothing Here is Free

Just had a Mcdonalds salad. I know its not as healthy as a salad sounds but man, it was pretty good. My boyfriend is watching TV with Ramona right now (my bunny) and im making a quick post over here. Actually, hes watching Parental Control while falling asleep and my bunny looks amazed by the tv lights. 
I decided to use flash for these pictures. I thought it would look like crap but I quite like it. The skirt was a vintage maxi skirt, those grannys love and the top is another transfer I did with my friend. Actually we were selling it together with the twiggy tee and a couple more! Obviously we kept one for each, they are very easy to combine. We are going to sell some new ones during this summer (peruvian summer) and might as well ship some overseas. Ill let you know!
Now I gotta go study, my exams are next week and im fucked up with tons of things to do.


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