June 14, 2011

You’re all sweet talk, you’re all lust

I better stop using shorts before I get a cold.  I got this amazing shorts from the lovely Alana from Omen Eye. Visit her etsy shop, she has some amazing vintage garments and sells the most perfect vintage shorts, my all time favorite piece. You will probably see me wearing this several times, love the dark color and its stretchy fabric. 
The dress is from the peruvian brand I already told you, DAG. I thought I would wear it as a top along  with the shorts to make it look more edgy, however, I plan to wear it as a dress in a near future to give this soft creamy dream the exposure it deserves. The bag is from Romwe, all i can say is that we are in the process of a long term relationship,  I want to wear it all the time. And the ring is from Rock N Rose. Amazing jewelry over there
I know this crappy as hell location has been seen before, but the lightning, as ive mentioned, has been my worst enemy these days, and I think this was the best place to take the pictures.
Anyways, provide me with your thoughts! love to read your comments, my last favorite was from Krisnaface with her “amazeballs” word, made me crack up.

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