September 23, 2016


I couldn’t be more excited to share these two looks I put together styling the new PUMA Suede Platform sneakers. I partnered with them and had to pick one pair to style, but honestly both were so amazing I decided to put two looks together. What I love about these besides their perfect texture is their chunky white sole. You guys know how much I love Platforms. Keep reading below to see how I styled these!

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For the first look, I wore the red PUMA Suede Platform sneakers with some basic leggings and a simple printed t-shirt. I love how these PUMA Suede Platform sneakers literally add that extra touch of color and make the look much stronger. I was torn in between the red and blue ones but picked these because I’ve been dying for a pair of red sneakers! Wore some gold jewelry because you can never go wrong with red and gold together and finished the look with a camo jacket.

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The second look is a more relaxed and laid back one. I am obsessed with these black PUMA Suede Platform sneakers…they look good with literally everything in my closet. Although they would look great with skinny pants, for this outfit I wanted to channel a more androgynous style sort of inspired by Rihanna (because I love her so much).

388A5926 copy

I paired them with these PUMA drapey sweatpants that I’ve been looking at since forever. I mean, it’s so hard to find the perfect pair of harem sweatpants that actually have the perfect slouchy cut. I also wore a PUMA bra. It looks amazing as it actually has a very feminine cut (unlike your typical gym bra) and accentuates your torso. As you can see I’m genuinely obsessed with PUMA sportswear, make sure to check out their latest pieces if you’re into this type of look.

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Hope you guys like these outfits, would love to know your favorite!! Mine are the black ones!


PUMA Suede Plaforms in black

PUMA Suede Platforms in red

PUMA black bra top

PUMA Zip Up Hoodie

PUMA Yoga sweatpants


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