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Harpers Project.


Finally got the chance to share another space in my apartment! You guys always ask me for a home tour and that is coming so close. I just have different spaces at my apartment and slowly have been putting them together the way we wanted. You saw my bedroom and my living room already, but

My Living Room :)

Le Happy living room decor

Its been a while since I shared my living room with you guys. It is constantly changing because I just love playing around with my home decor every once in a while. No matter how much I change it, I feel it will always have my personal eclectic touch. I love both modern/minimal and a retro

Bedroom Diaries


Decided to snap some pictures of my favorite place to show you guys what it looks like at the moment.

What my bedroom looks like when you come in. I took it standing in the door. Nothing better than a velvet dusty pink ottoman that makes you feel like a princess.

Same old ...and it works so