June 29, 2017

Harpers Project.

Photo Jun 29, 1 13 17 AM-2

Finally got the chance to share another space in my apartment! You guys always ask me for a home tour and that is coming so close. I just have different spaces at my apartment and slowly have been putting them together the way we wanted. You saw my bedroom and my living room already, but I never shared where I have breakfast lunch and dinner 🙂

Our living room has great lighting for just a few hours only in the morning sun, so we wanted a clean beautiful table, one that would brighten up the space.  We looked for several ideas and finally we decided to get this stunning marble dining table from Harpers Project, one of my latest interior obsessions. The company is a family owned business based in Australia and they are inspired by the classic Scandinavian aesthetic which is why their designs are minimal yet so unique.

I’m so so happy with our new marble table. It was insane how it immediately illuminated up the entire room.  It is so worth it to invest in furniture that will last for a lifetime, particularly because it will play a big part in your every day routine. Making your atmosphere enjoyable can change your entire mood, every single day. II used to go back to by bedroom with my coffee every morning, now I love enjoying the morning light in my dining room with a book or even work from there!

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Table via Harpers Project


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