July 1, 2017


*this post has been edited as the contest will run throughout SeptemberĀ too!

Hi! This post is particularly for all my Insta story babes šŸ™‚ you always send me the sweetest messages and it makes me happy to give back to all the love you send me. Here are all the details you need to know for my new giveaway series!


I will be giving away two different kind of prizes:

1.Ā A goodie beauty bag with some of my favorite products. I’m so grateful that I receive so many products for review but since I can’t use them all, besides donating them I will be giving away curated care packages with some of my favs for you to try!
2. An ASOS $50 Gift card that will be sent via email. I asked you guys for your favorite stores and many of you mentioned ASOS so I thought it would be perfect because they do free shipping internationally.


Note: these are examples, and products will vary!

This is open internationally, so yes! everyone can enter.
-You have to comment on any new picture I post! The comment has to be related to the picture. Any comment enters! Pretty easy.

-I will DM the winner the day after, and announce it on my stories as well!


Tip: turn on post notifications so you can be on top of your game and enter the giveaway on time. The more posts you enter, the more chance to win.

I will pick one winner per day, fourĀ times a week. Each day all my photos from that day will count for the giveaway, so if I post more than once that day I will combine the comments from those pictures and pick one winner out of them! I will announce the winner on my stories the same night or the morning after. AndĀ will contact you via Direct Message to proceed with the prize!

Good luck!!!!


  • Annalisa Zamengo says:

    Omg so excited about this! Hope I’m awake when you post because I live in another continent so… good luck to me and everyone who participates !!

  • Where are your everyday posts?

  • You blocked me on Instagram/story/Snapchat story for liking and commenting and posting “the sweetest messages”

    You WERE one of my inspirations. I was a little shocked when you did, it is your preference at the end of the day. I’ve been a fan for years and you even commented on my own photos. So, it was a little strange to see.

    But this post made me open my eyes about the way to manage your “fans”
    Do you actually award your fans or is all of this just for show? will you block your next supporter?

    Honestly, this may seem rude to you but what YOU did was uncalled for. But, what does it matter? I’m a random person on social media. Nope.

    • lehappy says:

      hi! I don’t seem to remember when I blocked you? I can’t even find your account when I look for it. And I just checked my blocked list and can’t find your username. That is really strange. Why would I block you? Since when can’t you access my profile??

  • You’ll do this only on July?

  • Hi Luanna! You know, it’s just a bit hard for us who don’t live in America to follow this and get the chance to win because of the time difference. I’m still trying my best but I don’t have much hope.. But still I’m really greatful for you doing this @mellsutrak

  • Tiffani Reynolds says:

    This is such an exciting giveaway!
    Your posts are amazing which makes commenting and liking way too easy, I’m definitely going to comment comment comment. Hopefully I see your posts in time as I’m following you all the way from South Africa. Regardless if I win or not, thanks for keeping my insta feed exciting.
    Keep on being awesome!
    x x x

  • Hey Luanna,
    Iā€˜m just sooo in love with your looks Your style is incredible and so awesome. I wish I could have every outfit.
    And your Online Blogs are really good.
    Lots of love from

  • Hi Lua how are you?
    I love so much and your style and I follow you
    What is the color of hair you use?
    And then ,what is the foundation you use?
    Thank you xx

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