Finding balance and peace

Photo Apr 04, 7 13 12 PM

Lately, I feel a heavy need for balance and peace of mind. Perhaps its the age, the immediacy of the crazy fast times we are living in. So the balance I try to find comes from clearing my mind and slowing down. I try to find a spaces where I can be at peace, where I

Old Film Photo Diary.


More old film photos by my boyfriend. Hope you enjoy this long post with little moments of my life. What I love about film photography is that its a one opportunity shot. There's no space for trial and error or recreating a picture. Analog cameras have this beautiful element of surprise where photos come as

Cancun Photo Diary.

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Woke up in a dream in Cancun. So many feelings after visiting this magical place. Although I’ve always heard many friends talking about Cancun as the best crazy party destination -which is true- I was expecting it to be only that, but I was definitely wrong.

It got me on a personal level, it felt like touching base